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About Sneha

Sneha Bhavsar is a visual artist who uses an interdisciplinary approach to create art. She is driven to investigate how multiple artistic techniques, processes, philosophies, and tools can work in concert to produce unique works. She explores the tactile quality of the surface as well as its visual features. Her portfolio showcases a diverse range of art and contemporary craft drawn from artistic cultural practices around the world.  She has been heavily influenced by her travels, particularly within Asia. She incorporates traditional folk art methods such as embroidery, papercutting and hand block printing to many of her works.  Many of Sneha‚Äôs diverse art pieces also integrate recyclables such as eggshells and thread. Currently she is exploring and creating large scale pieces that combine Indian hand block printing patterns, Chinese paper cutting methods and bas-relief techniques.

Sneha currently resides in Houston, Texas. She has showcased her art in a variety of spaces, commercial and residential. Sneha has created multiple artworks commissioned by patrons across the US, from California to New York. She began her career in Public Health while continuing to follow her interest in art. Her decision to pursue art professionally started in 2014 after organizing and participating in a charity art auction that raised funds to promote quality art education in Houston public schools. Through her efforts, the charity auction funded Free after-school art courses for elementary school students who lacked access to a formal art curriculum.

Sneha has dedicated her time and energy to benefit numerous local and international charities as a board member or contributor. Currently, Sneha is an active member of the Culture and Arts Board in the City of Bellaire which strives to enhance the quality of life in the city through visual and performing arts. She has successfully advocated for public arts projects around the city. She is also committed to volunteering her time and artwork for various organizations working to uplift women and children, and promote the life-long practice of charitable giving within families.


Artist Statement

I think of my art as a product of multiple connective threads that ultimately form a link between ancient folk art techniques and contemporary artistic application. Between culture heritages stemming from the east and from the west. Much of my research on traditional folk art practices have stemmed from my travels across Asia and South America. I have learned from block printers in India, weavers in Costa Rica, paper cut artists in China, as well as lacquer artists in Vietnam. In my interactions with many of these artists they are the last members in their family to practice the artistic craft that has been passed down through generations.  My art aspires to honor folk art traditions of past generations by highlighting them in my contemporary art pieces. I hope that my artwork opens the imagination and curiosity of the viewer – inspiring new ideas and promoting cultural awareness. Ultimately, I offer the viewer a moment to contemplate ways that art can connect us all – across history, cultures and continents.


2019 – SHINE – DAYA Houston Art Auction

2018 – Sawyer Yards – Come Together

2017 – Hotel Ylem

2017 – Vino & Vinyl

2014 – City Artworks Charity Showcase


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